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Two teenage boys are sitting outdoors, each engrossed in their own smartphones. The boy on the left, with ginger hair, is hunched over his phone, which he holds in his hands between his knees, possibly indicating intense focus or concern. The boy on the right, wearing a grey T-shirt and blue jeans, is sitting more relaxed with one arm resting on his bent knee, looking at his phone screen. In the background, a girl is sitting on a bench, also using her phone, illustrating the common scene of young people absorbed in their digital devices. The setting appears to be a public outdoor area, possibly a park or a school courtyard.
Chris Kennedy

8 Signs Your Child Might Be a Victim of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has emerged as a pervasive issue in the digital era, impacting teens with constant connectivity to smartphones and social media. This form of bullying transcends physical boundaries, allowing hurtful actions to be amplified and shared widely, making it more intense than traditional bullying. Here we discuss 8 signs that it might be happening to your child.

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