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Master Your Child's Screen Time and App Usage

Discover the ease of managing your child's digital world with Safe Lagoon's Screen Time and app control.

By setting sensible limits on app usage and screen time, you can foster healthier habits, ensuring your child enjoys both the digital and physical worlds responsibly.

Join Safe Lagoon today to take a proactive step towards a balanced, safe, and enriching online experience for your child

  • Promote Healthy Habits
  • Boost Academic Performance
  • Combat Excessive Device Use
  • Encourage Family Interaction

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The Schedules functionality provides you with possibilities for remotely for remotely setting healthy usage limits for your child’s

Designate specific time periods when the Internet or Apps will be blocked (for example, during school hours or dinner time)

Select the amount of time your child can use the Internet and Apps per day

Use the Safe Lagoon Parental app to control and change the schedule and app usage settings in real time right from your smartphone!

Our mission

Secure Your Child's Online Environment

Take control of your child's app usage with Safe Lagoon's App Blocking and scheduling features.

Ensure a safer and more focused online experience by selectively blocking apps that may be distracting or inappropriate, promoting a more productive and secure digital space for your child.

Encourage Healthy Habits: Safe Lagoon’s screen time management helps instill disciplined tech use in children, promoting a balance between digital activities and real-life interactions.

Boost Academic Performance: By controlling app usage during homework or study times, Safe Lagoon ensures your child stays focused on educational tasks, improving their academic success.

Combat Excessive Device Use: With customized app limits, Safe Lagoon aids in preventing screen addiction, fostering a healthier relationship with technology for your child.

Encourage Family Interaction: Utilize Safe Lagoon to designate screen-free periods, ensuring uninterrupted quality time for family activities and strengthening family bonds.

Promote Better Sleep: By restricting screen time before bedtime, Safe Lagoon contributes to improved sleep quality in children, essential for their overall well-being.

It's time to start managing device time!

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