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Your Comprehensive Digital Parenting Tool

The Safe Lagoon Parental App is designed to give you a 360-degree view of your child’s digital life.

It's more than just a monitoring tool; it's an all-encompassing solution for modern parenting challenges in the digital age.

  • Monitor Calls and Texts Easily
  • Block unwanted Contacts
  • Review Text Message Content
  • Check Call Histories Quickly

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Customizable Control at Your Fingertips

Tailor Safe Lagoon’s features to fit your family’s needs.
Whether it's setting screen time limits, blocking apps, or filtering web content, the power of customization is in your hands.

Cyberbullying and Online Threats Protection

Powered by the Safe Lagoon AI, the app alerts you to potential dangers like cyberbullying, ensuring your child's digital interactions are safe and positive.

Photo and Video Sharing Supervision

Keep an eye on the photos and videos your child captures and shares. This feature helps protect their privacy and prevents exposure to potential online risks.

Content Control

Keep an eye on the websites your child visits and the YouTube videos they watch, ensuring they are engaging with age-appropriate and safe content.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Designed with busy parents in mind, the app features an intuitive interface that makes digital parenting straightforward and stress-free.

Location Tracking for Peace of Mind

The app includes GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities, giving you peace of mind about your child’s physical safety while they explore the world.

In-Depth Communication Oversight

Know who is communicating with your child. Monitor incoming and outgoing calls and texts to keep track of their social interactions and safeguard against unwanted contacts.

User-Friendly Interface

The app's intuitive design makes digital parenting efficient and stress-free, even for busy parents.

Seeing is Believing

Navigate Your Child's Digital World

Safe Lagoon gives you the tools and insights needed to oversee and protect your child's virtual experiences, fostering an environment of trust and safety.

Step into a new era of parenting where technology becomes an ally, enhancing your ability to support and educate your child in our ever-evolving digital world

Safe Lagoon offers flexible reporting of your child's online activity, conveniently delivering updates via email or instant push notifications to keep you informed and in control.

Safe Lagoon’s chlid location tracking feature keeps you informed of your child's whereabouts with real-time updates, ensuring their safety with precise and timely location notifications.

Effortlessly configure schedules and app time limits using Safe Lagoon's Parent App, designed for simplicity and ease

Easily establish digital boundaries by monitoring all visited sites and app usage and setting limits from the palm of your hand if needed

Safe Lagoon's AI assistant vigilantly oversees your child's online activities, providing thorough reviews and insights, so parents can relax knowing their child's digital world is constantly monitored for dangers.

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