Features Safe Lagoon

Features Safe Lagoon

Screen time Management

Does your child spend too much time on his tablet or mobile phone?

It is virtually impossible to be physically present 24 hours a day regulating your child’s game and app usage – let Safe Lagoon Schedules do that for you.

  • Maximum Protection
  • Instant Notifications
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Healthy Online Experiences

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The Schedules functionality provides you with possibilities for remotely for remotely setting healthy usage limits for your child’s

Designate specific time periods when the Internet or Apps will be blocked (for example, during school hours or dinner time)

Select the amount of time your child can use the Internet and Apps per day

Use the Safe Lagoon Parental app to control and change the schedule and app usage settings in real time right from your smartphone!

Our mission

Time moves in one direction

We all try to maintain a balance between the real and virtual worlds. Safe Lagoon is the tool to help you do that every day

See a list of all installed apps and the amount of time spent by your child on them

Select the desired time setting for each application

View Selected games/applications

A simple and intuitive menu will help you navigate and set up in a flash

Create your own schedules for your child to have access to the internet and their apps

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 of your children today.

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