Features Safe Lagoon

Features Instant messenger Monitoring

Instant messenger Monitoring

For kids, it is an incredible, free tool that lets them chat with friends, coordinate school projects and plan activities.

  • Maximum Protection
  • Instant Notifications
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Healthy Online Experiences

features list

Monitor your child’s IM conversations in real time

See the contents of both sides of the chat.

Recieve a notification of an an unknown person attempting to call/IM your child

Daily reports detailing your child’s activity

We support popular messengers

And more are coming…

Our mission

Best friend ever

Protecting the ones closest to us is something we instinctively do. Safe Lagoon is the tool to help you do that in the online world

View a list of all of your child’s contacts in various messangers

Pick the messenger that you are interested in and review the conversation

Displays new/unread messages

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