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Safe Lagoon for Android has all features you need as a parent to be sure that your child is in no danger on the Internet. One single app for the whole family.01_web_filtering_es

This single app includes both child and parent modes. Key features are:

Child mode:
  • Safe browser app
  • Background service to control child location and running apps
Parent mode:
  • Internet activity info, app usage info
  • Ability to edit rules to control Internet and Apps
FEATURESiOSWindows Desktop
Standard Features
Web filtering
Web filtering with notifications
Parental App
Safe Lagoon Parental AppUse mobile WebCenter
Additional Features
Scheduling Internet time (via WebCenter)
GPS tracking with notifications
GPS zones management (via WebCenter)
Social Network monitoring
Scheduling App time (via WebCenter)
Blocking Apps
IM Chat monitoring (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook)
except Skype
Calls & Texts information
Scheduling Apps