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10 Cool math app games that teachers and kids love

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

There are tons of benefits to be had by tech savvy kids who can navigate through the muck to uncover the gems of the digital frontier.  Not sure where to start? Next time your youngster is in need of some screen-based stimulation, consider these 10 educational and fun math apps for kids.

Here’s a rundown of the 10 best math apps that both teachers and students adore:
App NameDescription
Prodigy GameA free, game-based learning platform designed for grades 1-8 that teachers use for classroom and homework activities, making math fun and interactive.
Math Training for KidsThis Android app introduces the four fundamental math operations through exercises and games, ideal for children aged 3 and up.
CK12Offers a comprehensive range of educational materials beyond math, including adaptive practices and interactive learning activities, suitable for high school students.
Colorado’s PhETProvides animated math and science simulations that serve as excellent tools for understanding complex concepts, with many free resources available online.
PhotomathA revolutionary app that solves math problems via camera input, offering step-by-step solutions, and serves as a study aid for a variety of math levels.
Khan AcademyRenowned for its extensive video lessons on a multitude of subjects, including math, it features a dashboard for progress tracking for students, parents, and teachers.
GeometryPadEspecially good for tablets, this app aids in understanding geometric concepts through hands-on practice with measurements, shapes, and sketches.
BuzzMathA web-based application aligned with CCSS, providing over 3,000 problems, interactive learning, and detailed reporting tools for tracking progress.
Brainscape FlashcardsUtilizes a cognitive-based approach to create personalized study plans and flashcard functions, perfect for high school students learning formulas.
Komodo MathTailored for children aged 5 to 11, Komodo focuses on building a strong math foundation with brief, engaging learning sessions across various devices.

Teachers and parents alike are now using apps for kids to help their students acquire mathematical skills easily while having fun with numbers.

1. Prodigy Game – math app

Fun with math – Prodigy Game is a go to favorite

Meant for students of grades 1-8, Prodigy Game is available for free on iOS, Android and web platforms. Teachers love this game-based learning program because it allows them to use games in classroom and for homework assessment projects and make learning a fun activity.

The app offers built-in diagnostic test which generates real-time reports on students’ progress and helps teachers identify their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Math Training for Kids – math app

A classic Android math app

Meant for students of ages 3 and up, Math Training for Kids is an Android-based app helps students to pick up four basic concepts of Math – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – quite easily. You will find tons of interesting exercises and games to give kids much needed practice.

3. CK12 – math app

Not just Math – a whole bunch of great educational material can be found here at CK-12

A free app, available on Android, iPhone or iPad, Windows 8 or 10 and web platforms, CK-12 pairs high-quality content with latest technology. The interactive learning activities it offers include adaptive practice, PLIX, and simulations.

High School students would love its BrainGenie section while those who specifically want to develop their Algebra Proficiency and Higher Mathematics skills should delve into its FlexMath section.

Teachers love the app because it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere; and include workbooks, quizzes and tests too.

4. Colorado’s PhET – math app

This is a treasure trove of math goodness

Colorado’s University PhET simulations project is quite popular as a classroom tool in progressive Maths and Science teachers. The animated illustrations can easily be incorporated into lectures as well as homework assignments to help students understand certain concepts easily.

While PhET app is available for $0.99 for Android and iPhone/iPad users, K-12 students can access its PhET simulations online External link  for free to study mathematical concepts like Projectile Motion, Calculus Grapher, and Arithmetic.

5. Photomath – point and shoot math app

Take a picture of your math problems and the app helps you solve them

Available for free on both Android and iOS platforms, Photomath allows you to snap a picture of the math problem and get its step-by-step solution! From basic arithmetic to fractions to trigonometry to linear and quadratic equations, it can help you with a lot of Math problems quite easily.

While a good teacher will certainly never allow you to use this app in a classroom, teachers do recommend it as a study support too that students can use at home.

6. Khan Academy – math app and more

The wrath of Khan? Nope – actually a leader in online education for kids

Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, uploaded videos on Algebra on YouTube with a purpose to provide remote tutoring to his cousin. The videos got more views than he expected and today Khan Academy offers free video lessons to all students through its apps and website.

One can learn anything here – from counting to calculus. There is a dashboard which allows students, parents, and teachers to track the progress of students too.

7. GeometryPad – math app

Geometry pad – great on tablets

Free for Android and iOS, the app is loved by teachers for making the understanding of geometric concepts easier and ensures better student engagement in class. Teachers can also give assignments for home using it, in which students can practice taking measurements and using the compass. Kids experiment with different geometric shapes and create complex geometric sketches too.

8. BuzzMath – math app

Buzz math – Anytime Anywhere

Buzz math interactive math taken to the next level. Primarily a web-based app, it offers over 3,000 problems that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Teachers love it because it is accessible from any device, offers a variety of input styles, and its detailed reporting tools.

9. Brainscape Flashcards

Available in iOS and Android

Available on both iOS and Android based platforms. Brainscape Flashcards is unique because it gathers inputs from a student and then creates a study plan tailored to him or her.

Math tutors love it for its flashcard function which is quite useful when it comes to helping high school students learn their formulas. Flashcard repetitions in the app are timed according to the individual’s cognitive requirements and have been scientifically proven to help you learn better in half the time.

10. Komodo math

Designed by teachers for families, Komodo builds a solid foundation in maths for children aged 5 to 11. It works on all devices and doesn’t keep kids at the screen for long periods

Expertly designed interactive math practice and animated videos. Motivation built-in to keep learners on track. The app includes over 500 learning games and educational videos.

So that’s our recommended top 10 in an age when attention spans of students are  diminishing rapidly and gadgets play a major role in their lives. We hope that this list helps forward-thinking parents and teachers to find new ways to help their students learn better and keep them interested in their studies.

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