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Safe Lagoon has all features you need as a parent to be sure that your child is in no danger on the Internet. One single app for the whole family

This single app includes both child and parent modes

Child mode

  • Safe browser app
  • Background service to control child location and running apps

Parent mode

  • Internet activity info, app usage info
  • Ability to edit rules to control Internet and Apps


Standard Features

  • Web filtering
  • Web filtering with notifications

Parental App

  • WebCenter
  • Safe Lagoon Parental App Use mobile WebCenter

Additional Features

  • Scheduling Internet time
    (via WebCenter)
  • GPS tracking with notifications
  • GPS zones management (via WebCenter)
  • Social Network monitoring
  • YouTube monitoring
  • Screen Time Limits and Schedules
  • Blocking Apps
  • IM Chat monitoring (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook)
  • Calls & Texts information
  • Scheduling Apps

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

Safe Lagoon is designed to monitor and filter all the data traffic to and from your child's smartphone. We use the most innovative technologies for the intelligent treatment of online web content which helps keep your child safe.

The World Wide Web was initially meant to be a treasury filled with essential information and wide range of useful knowledge, but there is a dark side to this unregulated open data space. Unfortunately the Internet is full of worthless and often obscene images/videos/text you wouldn't want your child to see. This is where our Safe Lagoon Service comes in to help you provide a healthy internet experience.

Parents can benefit from Safe Lagoon's location service using Safe Lagoon's Parental App or by logging in to their Safe Lagoon WebCenter where you can configure all the functionality we offer, including monitoring your child's online activity and locating their device on map. The free version of Safe Lagoon allows you to get notifications about Web pages visited by your child. Other functionality is available as a part of a full subscription.

Yes, you can. By using the Parental App or WebCenter. Just go to the Internet section and press the gear icon. There you can specify which Web site you'd like to allow or block.