About Safe Lagoon

About Safe Lagoon

Safe Lagoon is the best solution to protect and mass control kids online

Our missionn

Our mission

There are many dangerous sites on the Internet. Pornography, Violence, sites that encourage eating disorders and promote drug use. In addition to these hazards, there are criminals who are looking to swindle people of any age, and cyber bullies who may troll strangers and acquaintance alike, making the lives of young people a nightmare.

Safe Lagoon was created and designed by parents to help parents set healthy online habits for kids and cope with all the dangerous elements of the internet.

How we help parents

How we help parents

Safe Lagoon has a number of critical functions that enable parents to block inappropriate content, monitor the amount of time your kids are online and using their apps, set specific times of day when your kids can use the Internet and even locate them on a map using the GPS on their smartphone and see their online messaging.

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Reasons why you need
Safe Lagoon
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Kids make friends online

According to recent research from Pew Research Center, 57% of teens have met new friends online. The most common way of doing this is through social media and online games. In many cases, these friendships are positive, as they enable young people to meet others with

The average screen time of a child today is 7 hours

Children aged 5 to 16 spend an average of 7 hours a day before being diagnosed. Safe Lagoon parental control supervises for you, by blocking sites that are inappropriate and notifying you if your child wants permission to visit a website or play an app that is blocked

Not everyone online is who they claim to be

When someone pretends to be someone they aren’t on the internet it is called Catfishing. Safe Lagoon helps you protect your kids online by monitoring their social media exchanges and instant messaging (IM) as you may be able to pick up on suspicious messages that your children can’t detect.

Parents can’t be everywhere, all the time

Safe Lagoon is a tool that monitors your children’s online activities, alerts you of unsafe activities, and can limit the amount of time your children spend in the virtual world and making sure that they also experience the physical world around them.

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