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Our vigilant AI monitors chat conversations across all messengers and social media platforms, ensuring that you stay informed about your child's online and DM interactions. Safe Lagoon alerts you promptly if any threats or dangers are detected. Learn more

Take charge of your family's digital schedule with Safe Lagoon's time management features. Set screen time limits and establish healthy online habits, striking the perfect balance between technology use and other essential activities. Learn more

With Safe Lagoon’s GPS location tracking, you can keep a reassuring eye on your child’s whereabouts. Real-time location updates, location alerts, and geofencing offers peace of mind when your child is out and about. This feature ensures your child’s safety in the physical world, complementing our comprehensive digital protection. Learn more

Our advanced content filtering system effortlessly blocks inappropriate content, ensuring a safe online experience for your child. By automatically restricting access to harmful websites and enabling safe search settings, Safe Lagoon makes the internet a safer place for kids to explore and learn. Learn more

Safe Lagoon's parental app is the command center for managing your child’s digital world. This intuitive app provides real-time information and full control over your child’s online activities. Monitor digital usage, view browsing history, and receive instant alerts. The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily adjust settings, set up content filters, and manage screen time and app access. Learn more

Stay informed and in control with Safe Lagoon's call and text monitoring feature. This tool allows you to view your child’s call history and text messages (even if they are deleted!), ensuring they are communicating safely and with appropriate contacts. It's an essential tool for parents to safeguard against unwanted communication and to be alerted to potentially harmful interactions. Learn more

Safe Lagoon’s IM monitoring feature empowers parents to discreetly supervise their child's instant messaging across various platforms. It ensures safe, appropriate online conversations and alerts parents to potential risks like cyberbullying or stranger interactions. This feature helps guide children in responsible digital communication while respecting their privacy, maintaining a secure and healthy digital environment for the whole family. Learn more


Safe Lagoon's AI technology is impressive! It automatically monitors and provides me with alerts so I don't need to be checking all the time. Their support team is also top-notch, always ready to assist and guide. This app is a game-changer for parental control.
man photo Simon Long
As a parent of an 8 and 12-year-old, Safe Lagoon has been invaluable. It offers comprehensive monitoring and easy controls. The alerts and screen time management are fantastic. It's user-friendly and really helps keep my mind at ease.
man photo Eric Jones
Safe Lagoon is a lifesaver! As a parent of an 11 year old, it gives me peace of mind knowing my daughter is safe online. Easy to use and effective. A must have for any parent today. Very satisfied with its performance and service.
Alba Cariocol Alba Cariocol

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Asked Questions

Safe Lagoon offers an advanced layer of protection against online predators, a growing concern in today's digital age. Our app employs sophisticated AI technology to monitor your child's online interactions, including social media and instant messaging, for any signs of predatory behavior.

If a potential threat is detected, Safe Lagoon immediately alerts you, enabling swift action to safeguard your child. Furthermore, our app's geolocation tracking ensures you always know where your child is, adding an extra level of security against physical threats stemming from online contacts.

By using Safe Lagoon, you gain peace of mind knowing that your child's digital world is constantly supervised for any suspicious activity, making it a crucial tool for every parent in the digital era.

This proactive approach to child safety online is why many parents trust Safe Lagoon for their family’s digital security.

Absolutely! Managing screen time is a crucial aspect of modern parenting, and Safe Lagoon is designed to make it both simple and effective.

Our app provides comprehensive tools to set daily screen time limits, schedule specific hours for internet access, and even pause the internet and apps as needed. This helps in establishing a balanced online-offline lifestyle for your children, preventing screen addiction and promoting healthier habits. Moreover, Safe Lagoon’s personalized reports give insights into your child’s online behavior, enabling you to adjust screen time rules based on their needs and activities.

Parents find these features invaluable in fostering a disciplined yet flexible approach to their children’s digital consumption. By implementing these controls, you encourage your child to engage more with the physical world, thus contributing to their overall well-being and development.

Cyberbullying is a major concern for parents, and Safe Lagoon is equipped to tackle this issue head-on. Our app continuously scans your child's online conversations and social media activity for any signs of bullying or harassment.

By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Safe Lagoon can detect harmful language or patterns indicative of cyberbullying. Upon identifying such threats, the app immediately notifies you, allowing for prompt intervention.

This early detection is crucial in mitigating the emotional impact of cyberbullying on your child. Additionally, Safe Lagoon provides guidance and resources to parents on how to address and discuss these issues with their children effectively.

Our ability to identify and alert parents to such incidents makes it an essential tool in protecting children from the emotional distress caused by cyberbullying, fostering a safer and more positive online experience.

In today's digital landscape, social media is an integral part of a child's life, but it also brings various safety concerns. Safe Lagoon is specifically designed to address these challenges by offering comprehensive monitoring of your child’s social media use.

Our sophisticated AI technology scans through social interactions across various platforms to identify any potentially dangerous or inappropriate content. This includes monitoring for signs of cyberbullying, exposure to adult content, and communication with strangers.

If Safe Lagoon detects anything concerning, it immediately alerts parents, allowing for timely intervention. This feature is crucial for preventing negative experiences and ensuring your child’s social media use remains positive and safe. Additionally, Safe Lagoon provides educational resources to help parents discuss safe social media practices with their children, reinforcing healthy digital habits.

By using Safe Lagoon, parents can feel more confident about their child's social media interactions, knowing there's an extra layer of protection that helps in nurturing responsible digital citizens. This proactive approach to social media safety is a key reason why many parents choose Safe Lagoon for their family’s online security needs.

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