Setting up the Safe Lagoon Family tracker is easy:

  • Step 1. Open Safe Lagoon in Parent mode on your device.

  • Step 2. Select Geo and press “Show on Map” to see the location of your child’s device on a map.

  • Step 3. Press the blue button with the plus at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • Step 4. Instructions will appear. Click ok. A GEO zone will appear on your map.

  • Step 5. Press and hold center dot to move the zone to the area on the map you choose.

  • Step 6. Select what you would like to blockPress and hold outer dot to resize the zone to the diameter of your choosing.

  • Note: The accuracy of the Location function is going to depend on several factors including GPS signal, battery strength and internet connectivity.

  • Step 7. Choose an icon for you new zone and give it a name.

  • Step 8. Press the “Save” button.

  • That’s it!.

Watch this video: How to use the Safe Lagoon GPS Family tracker

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