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  • Simon Long

    Exactly what I'm looking for. Look no further if you are looking for the best parental app for Android. Highly recommended

  • Eric Jones

    Amazing! Makes keeping tabs on my 8 year super easy. A must have for any parent

  • Alba Cariocol

    Great value with great support Can't beat this. Does exactly what I want for my 11 year old daughter

  • Nina Thompson

    I love this app This is by far the best I've tried and a great value for the subscription. Amazing features :)

  • Brian Dobbs

    Great App Finally an app worth the money!!! I really feel secure knowing that I can watch my child’s activity. Best parent app ever. Safe Lagoon is the best!!

  • Allyson Bryce

    Good Work Safe Lagoon I now manage screen time without any arguments. I’m very satisfied with your service.

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Safe Lagoon delivers peace of mind as we run on the most popular operating systems out there.

Mobilna aplikacja dla rodziców

Safe Lagoon let's you run the whole solution from an intuitive parental app that allows you to manage all you family's devices from the palm of your hand. Awesome.


Your Safe Lagoon Safe Center provides you with 30 days of historical information in timelines that supplement the 24 hour summary of your Parent app

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