Safe Lagoon uses a real-time intellegent content filtering engine that checks every website accessed by your child against our massive and constantly expanding database of web content.

In total we have over a hundred catagories. To simplify things we have designed a set of “always on” forbidden catagories such as Pornography, Narcotics, Chat rooms, Anonymizers, etc.

There may be some additional catagories of sites which you may like to allow or to block.

Via the Safe Lagoon WebCenter

  • Open any browser and go to Click the login button and login to your WebCenter.

  • Step 2. Choose profile you want to edit.

  • Step 3. Go to the “Internet” tab.

  • Step 4. Press “Set Rules”.

  • Step 5. Enter the sites you want to block in the “Block these Web sites” field.

  • Step 6. Hit “Add”.

Via the Safe Lagoon App (in Parental mode)

  • Step 1. Open the Safe Lagoon App you have installed on your device as a Parent (instructions on how to do that are here)

  • Step 2. Press green line “Internet” and once drop down appear hit “More”.

  • Step 3. At the bottom right choose “Rules”.

  • Step 4. Click on a green tip next to a category and choose “Deny”.

  • Step 5. That’s it.

Pro Tip:

You can also allow or block specific web sites (instructions on how to do that are here)

You can also open Parental mode directly from your child’s device (instructions on how to do that are here)

To report issues of feedback, please get in touch with us. If you are happy with Safe Lagoon, please leave a quick review in the Apple App store or Google Play store. Your feedback and support is much appreciated!

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