Interesting facts about Social Networks and they way they affects us


General information

  1. 1 million links are shared via Facebook every 20 minutes.
  2. 5 million users are invited to an event on Facebook every hour.
  3. 100 000 people become friends on Facebook every minute.
  4. Half of all users spend 1-5 hours a week chatting and posting on social networks.
  5. 8 people worldwide join an existing social network every second.
  6. Facebook can be considered the world’s third country by the number on people living in it (around 1 bln), surpassed by China and India only.
  7. 50% people aged under 30 are members of at least one social network.
  8. An average user signs in their account twice a day.
  9. An average number of “friends” to a user equals 195 people.
  10. There are 200,000,000 blogs online.
  11. 80% people confide in their online friends more than their real ones.
  12. More than 90% people born in XXI century have accounts on social networks.
  13. Below is the list of the most popular social networks in some countries::
  • USA — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • United Kingdom — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Germany — Facebook, Twitter, Xing
  • Russia — Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook


Threats found on Social Networks

  1. Statistics shows, that sexual harassments has grown 26 times with introduction of social networks..
  2. About 100 users each year pay with the lives because of the message they left on social networks.
  3. The 2011 data in UK revealed that 4 out of 5 robbers used social networks to prepare for their crime.
  4. Scientists consider social networks being one of the factors compromising human immunity system.
  5. Social networks are already in advance of pornography as the most popular way of online activity.
  6. Around 15% of social network accounts are made for spying purposes, most notably by secret services .
  7. Social networks can press vulnerably people close to suicide as they become more detached from reality and their usual circle of contacts.
  8. It has been revealed that most of the popular social services still keep pictures deleted by users.
  9. Facebook managed to reach 200 million users mark in less than a year, while for television it took long 13 years to attract 60 million viewers.

Social Networks and Families

  1. Approximately 10% of marriages in USA would never existed if not for social networks.
  2. Every fifth couple becomes an item via social networks.
  3. 69% parents are on their children’s list of friends.
  4. 1/5 children spent 24 hours a week browsing social networks. Half of all kids are about to reach this mark.
  5. 80% of children are registered with at least one social network.
  6. 80% of parents believe they are aware of what their kids are doing online while 31% of children are sure their activities are undiscovered.
  7. The average age of becoming an independent social network user is now 10.
  8. The following percentage show how many hours a week children spend on social networks: 7-14 hours — 23% , 14-12 hours— 57% , more than 21 hours — 20%.

– Safe Lagoon Team