‘Parent’ as a full-time occupation


Once young and unexperienced parents face any problems considering their dear kids all I hear is: “Let professionals take care of this situation. They will know exactly how to deal with it.”

This habit has taken roots so deeply in our minds we see it as a normal state of things which is perfectly explainable. Say, why would you fix the fridge yourself when you can call a skilled specialist armed with instruments and experience to get it running again in to time? Or.. you are not supposed to address dental pain with a make-shift, are you?

But to my way of thinking there are areas you should not entrust a strange person utterly and completely no matter how skillful this person appears to be. It certainly will not do with up-bringing of your own child. When it’s time to introduce your child to social institutions such as kindergarten and later – school – it goes without saying that you will do your best to find the friendliest place ready to provide the most professional level of assistance.

But look at you – you are already a professional working as a “parent” at full-time job! No one knows you better when your own parents, no one spends that much time with you. No one cares that much about child’s happy future and well-being. And every discovery, every difficulty in their life they share first and foremost – with the closest keen they know – their parents.

Thus you as a parent must find ways to enhance your professional level since there might be people to help you (such as school teachers and doctors) but the responsibility for up-bringing your children rests on your shoulders alone. And as for “parental control” issue you cannot push it on o anyone – you must seek possibilities to get acquainted with anything new in the world of nowadays technology and information security – find it, learn it, master it to the best of your abilities as it is a key for helping your child to stay safe and guided.

Remember that there is no other occupation as noble and proud as a Parent!