• Safe Lagoon web filtering for children is free.
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  • Our web filter has information on over 80 Million websites and adds more every day providing you with the most comprehensive online protection.

  • You can remotely turn on and off your child’s Internet access using the controls in the Safe Lagoon Parental app.

  • What is ok for a 14 year old may not be appropriate for a 5 year old - so we have different levels of filtration for different age groups.

  • Safe Lagoon protects your child from phishing and scam websites.

  • In your personal WebCenter you can review the daily Internet usage report as well as a 30 day history of online browsing.


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Protecting the ones closest to us
is something we instinctively do.
Safe Lagoon is the tool to help you do that
in the online world.

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Safe Lagoon Web Filter is available on:

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Personal Computers

Operating systems we support:

  • android


  • ios


  • windows


Our Safe Lagoon Cloud works 24/7 to keep your children safe online.

Safe Lagoon provides you with peace of mind that your children are enjoying a healthy and appropriate Internet browsing experience.

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